GEO Hunters: Map Out Your Game Plan

Who’s game for a new geo-challenge?

Mobile gaming company YD Online has just launched its latest iPhone and iPad application GEO Hunters – a location-based, role-playing game that lets users defend their neighbourhood and the world from monsters.

Available for free at the Apple App Store, GEO Hunters utilises Google Maps to merge real satellite-view landscapes with a fantasy world where monsters have taken over. Some of these creatures are confined to certain areas, while other hidden monsters appear depending on what’s happening in the world news.

The Korean company’s press release says: “Set against Google Maps backdrops, monsters have invaded the Earth, lurking in your backyard and across the globe! Taking on the role of powerful warrior, skilled hunter or crafty wizard, protect your turf using a variety of weapons to amass your own monster army.

“As you progress through the game’s different geographic levels by building your monster collection, not only will the monsters become more powerful, but your once-friendly neighbours will start stealing your monsters to boost their own rankings.

“So be sure to feed and strengthen your monsters or fall at the hands of other players. You’ll also need to watch out for hidden monsters that appear where news is happening. Players can use weapons, armor and potions to unleash extra powers and become the hero that saves the world.

According to YD Online chief executive Dr Hyun Oh Yoo, location-based technology has revolutionised game mechanics and “GEO Hunters takes this type of experience one step further by using Google Maps to create a fun, addictive gaming environment”.

“We wanted to create a mobile game that combines actual geography with fantasy, while creating a community of engaged, competitive players. GEO Hunters has all these qualities, giving great replay value.”

Players begin by choosing one of three characters – warrior, hunter or magician – before moving to different locations to battle different classes of monsters. To make the game even more challenging, users also need to be on guard against hidden creatures tied to locations in the news.

As the monsters strike back, their human foes must defend themselves with the potions, armour and shields they’ve gathered. Once the weakest monsters are defeated, they can start collecting their own monstrous armies and post victories on Facebook. Shaking or running with the iPhone or iPad will maintain each users’ health and strength.

* Download GEO Hunters for free from the Apple App Store for use on your iPhone or iPad.


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