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History may never repeat but It’s Not About The Numbers is more than happy to reprint the article Geocaching in Australia ran about Cumbyrocks and myself …

FROM PAGE 29 OF VOLUME ONE: They can deny it all they like, but it is about the numbers for most geocachers … and that’s the case for two New Zealand siblings, though not in the usual sense.

Since Cumbyrocks and kjwx began their blog It’s Not About The Numbers, they have had two sets of stats to deal with … their own geocaching figures* and those involving their rapidly-growing online readership.

Every day, more than a hundred cachers visit the site to check out the latest geo-news, product reviews and opinion pieces. Most hail from the United States, New Zealand, Australia and, more recently, Portugal – with representatives from Groundspeak, Geocaching Australia and Garmin regularly logging in.

Curiously, the blog’s development mirrors that of the duo’s geocaching hobbies. Cumbyrocks, the younger of the two, began caching in his hometown of Dunedin in late 2009 after he upgraded to a new Blackberry phone with GPS functionality. Less than 50 finds later, he’d encouraged a fellow addict in Wellington-based kjwx.

Last August, when the impending birth of his third child began restricting his ability to rush out for a FTF, Cumbyrocks created It’s Not About The Numbers to satisfy his geocaching urges; his chosen masthead image showing the delight of his two-year-old at another successful hunt.

As before, within a few posts, Cumbyrocks – whose GC handle refers to Cumberland College, the Otago University hall of residence he manages – had co-opted his journalist sibling into joining him online.

Working together suits the pair letting them maintain regular posts even when other responsibilities keep them busy – of particular note, Cumbyrocks has just been elected as a GPS Society committee member.

And much like their favourite cache types differ (long bush walks and large containers for Cumbyrocks, but cleverly disguised urban hides for kjwx), both bloggers prefer to cover opposing aspects of their hobby.

Recently kjwx confessed that she had cached naked in a feature on other seekers who enjoy going ‘au naturelle’, while her brother explored a wish by a member of Garmin’s Opencaching.com site to put his dead father’s ashes in a new hide.

You can check out these pieces – and help keep the pair’s online numbers up – at www.notaboutthenumbers.com

* For the record, Cumbyrocks is currently on 621 finds, with kjwx trailing behind on 429. [Editor’s Note: Since then, my darling brother has found only a few caches, bringing his total to just 638. I, however, have leapt up to 463.]
With permission of Geocaching in Australia.


  1. Lynx Pardinus

    And let me tell you that at least this Portuguese is an avid fan.

    Congratulations and keep on the good work!

    Lynx Pardinus

  2. ErikaJean

    Nice article!!

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