Giveaway: Your Piece Of The Geocacher’s Puzzle

You may have heard of Louisiana geocacher Brenda Shirey and her trackable geo-puzzle …

Shirey (GC handle Sequoia_2) recently featured in Groundspeak’s Latitude 47 blog with her colourful and community-building Geocacher’s Puzzle TB1CNE2).

And now you get a chance to feature in that custom TB.

It’s Not About The Numbers has two chipboard puzzle pieces for two lucky readers to decorate. A third piece will feature our new pathtag design (that’s it above but more about that soon).

Each measures 4 inches by 4 inches and is crying out for your best creative efforts. You can depict any subject matter and use any medium for decoration but the finished design must include your GC handle.

Photos of Shirey’s puzzle show examples that range from decoupage or collaging to beadwork and scrapbooking techniques.

Last month, she told Groundspeak lackey Eric Schudiske that her TB was inspired by a visit to a teacher supply store.

“They had these large, blank puzzles you could buy called ‘Community Puzzle’. I really didn’t know what I was going to do with them. One day I sat there doodling around and started decorating one with my geocaching name and some stickers.”

In March 2007, after good feedback to that initial design, she assigned a travel bug number to the entire puzzle and began giving out pieces to interested geocachers.

“Everyone who sees the puzzle really likes it and enjoys looking at all the pieces. When I first started, most of my pieces were from local cachers but, as the puzzle travelled to events, other cachers took notice.”

Her first international piece was decorated in Japan and now Shirey has contributions from around the globe – 98 in all and each bearing their designer’s caching name.

“They range from the very simple to some who have put a lot of work into them. Some cachers tell me they can’t make one, they are not artistic. You don’t have to be artistic, as long as your geocaching name is in the design it can be anything at all.”

Her goal is to ultimately donate a 500 to 1000-piece version to Groundspeak that could be displayed in the company’s Seattle, Washington headquarters.

ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY: If you want to win one of the jigsaw blanks Shirey has given It’s Not About The Numbers, message us through our Contact page or leave a comment below outlining your decoration ideas. Entries close at noon on April 7 (New Zealand time).

To increase your chances of success, send us a sketch or photograph of your design on the puzzle shape provided. Usual INATN contest rules apply, though in this case we will also organise the return of all three pieces to Shirey.

* For those interested, The Community Puzzle costs US$11.45. Or you can get a free sample piece by sending a stamped, addressed envelope to: CPG Bulk Sales – Community Puzzle Dept, 30901 Timberline Road, Willits, CA 95490, UNITED STATES. Maybe you could fund your own contribution to Shirley’s puzzle.


  1. ErikaJean

    Oh this is right up my alley! I’d love to be able to be a part of this… not sure what I’d design… maybe signal hiking some Arizona terrain 😉 I like to think I’ve mastered the art of drawing cacti ;-P I think I’d paint it with acrylics and signal would def. have a camera around his neck and GPS in hand!!

  2. Linda

    This is my sisters puzzle. She has always been creative and I love how she can create a link for geocachers in a very real and tangible way! I’m going to be making my piece this week and giving it to her. I am from upstate NY and flew down to Louisiana for the week for a visit!

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