Cumbyrocks Hate; Cumbyrocks Smash

Disclaimer: This is likely going to be a completely unjustified rant from a sleep deprived cacher with a cold. Bring on the green…

I’ve just returned from a trip to another part of the country for the funeral of a family member. As much it was a sad trip it still had lots of good moments. The reunion of family on these occasions is one of those and on this one it was the first time kjwx and I had seen each other since we both took up caching. The two hour road trip presented us a few occasions to cache together and for me to have a play with kjwx’s new Oregon 450. This was especially good as I hadn’t been caching for a few weeks and I was seriously going through withdrawals.

But there was two things on this trip that really bugged me.

The first was a cache with a terrain rating that was too high and a description that made it sound like you were climbing a treacherous vertical cliff. I had looked over the cache listing before I left and I was very keen to give this a go. It sounded like an excellent challenge. But I was thoroughly disappointed on arrival at the car park when I looked up and saw the are the cache was located. Okay, not as high as I expected but maybe the climb would be difficult. I bounded up the track expecting that it would become difficult at some point. It didn’t. Two thirds of the way up I elected to take a short cut through gorse just to make it slightly more challenging. I returned to the car ranting about the terrain level. I immediately reviewed the description in the cache listing and deemed it to be full of rubbish warnings. As far as I’m concerned if I can get a pram to GZ then the rating should be no higher than a 3 and I’m certain I could get the pram there. That none of the other finders had questioned the rating only lead me to wonder whether the area was full of nancies or whether everyone was too PC to say anything. I suspect a mixture of both. Unfortunately I lacked the mental energy to tackle the issue head on so elected to have an anonymous rant instead.

(You have likely noticed by now I have not named the cache and I don’t intend to do so. This is a personal preference rant, let it continue…)

The second major annoyance of the trip occurred during a stopover. With an complete hour to kill I decided to wander outside of the airport to see what was available in the way of caches. A quick query to geocaching.com using Cachesense on the Blackberry supplied me with a list of options…all of which were multi’s. Never fear, I bet there’s a nice short one there. And wouldn’t you know it, the closest one appeared to be an easy two stage multi. Excellent. I dashed off to the first stage and worked out the coordinates for the second and final stage…only to find that it was BLOODY MILES AWAY! (at least 10km). Okay, poor choice of cache I thought. I quickly downloaded and scanned the other caches only to find that they all required considerable travel. Hmpf. Just how is a traveller supposed to squeeze in a sneaky cache or two if they all require significant travel! Needless to say I will be rectifying this situation next time I pass through (oh no, please, applause is not needed…okay, if you must). Of course the other thing I have learnt is that I need to build in more time to my stopovers!


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  1. Dodger

    My sympathy to you and your family.

    I hear what you’re saying. I consider these “Chopper Command” caches. Stay tuned for an article on that on cachecrazy.com.

    By the way, love the Dr. David Banner picture!

  2. GSV

    Cache ratings too high? Naah – you’re just used to certain Otago Peninsula caches placed by an alces alces!

    1. Cumbyrocks

      That may be the case, but I’m now a firm believer that a terrain rating of 4 should be scary as hell!!! Anything less just isn’t as much fun 😉

  3. Guwapo

    I know what you mean about Wellington stopovers. I’m there often for work and have started to run out of traditionals around the airport and CBD. I’ve had to resort to limiting to one a trip and have started to solve some Wellington puzzles. Only trouble is, like you, I’ve found none are within a lunch hour walk.

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