Photo Essay: Any Given Sunday


… you might find American geocacher Erika Jean on the trail of another hide. Here, the keen Arizona photographer lets It’s Not About The Numbers join her and a caching companion on a recent outing via this retro-spective essay.

It all starts at the computer. Download and then hit the road.

Drive as close as possible and park it.

Find your path and walk it.

Keep an eye out, you never know what you might see. In this case, petroglyphs from prehistoric times.

It’s a multi – found stage one.

Is this rock actually pointing to the cache?

Found it! Time to drop the TBs.

Never forget to sign the log (I almost did).

Always enjoy the scenery …

… and be on the lookout for wildlife!

CITO on the way out (this is the prettiest trash I’ve ever picked up).

Log that find.

FYI: Not often found without her camera in hand, Erika of Tucson, Arizona has gained a loyal band of geo-followers since she began blogging in 2006. And, of late, her stunning photographs have attracted the attention of San Francisco internet TV show Tekzilla and magazine publisher Airstream Life. Erika (GC handle: ErikaJean) is also the creator of the interactive Back Yard Cache and helping to model small minds through her work as a nanny.

We reckon she’s a real find.

* Check out Erika’s blog to see more of her photography (and some great craft projects).


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  1. ErikaJean

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this photo essay! I hope I represented geocaching well. I found it tough to do in just a handful of photos without giving to much away 😉

    Note: The GC # for that cache is accurate – the coords are not. muhahah!

  2. Mari

    I came over to see what Erika had posted. It was fun to follow along on this geocache!

  3. Gregory Pleau

    Hey I remember that article, and that photo in Airstream Life…. mind you I’ve got a couple photos in that article too 🙂

    That’s a fantastic photo essay that I will definitely be sending cachers (and muggles) to view!

  4. Bloodhounded

    Yes, she is all that and just a great person. I have followed her (not the creepy way) and have always admired her work in many mediums. She is truly an inspiration and a pleasure to see on your excellent blog. Great work to both of you.

  5. BigAl

    Great article. I really love the pictures. It’s great to see folks taking their cameras out while caching. That means they are not too busy to stop and pic the roses, or anything else for that matter.

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