Emergencies: An Observation On The Roles Geocachers Play


Categories: GeoTheory


Yesterday’s devastating Christchurch earthquake reminded me of the particularly large number of geocachers that seem to hold important public service roles. It is quite visible in various forums at times of emergency and my visits to the forums following the quake have again emphasised this.

Amongst the geocaching brethren we seem to have Search and Rescue Staff, Health and Safety Management, Police Officers, Firemen etc in numbers I have only ever seen in one other place – tramping clubs. Besides being remotely similar activities tramping clubs and geocachers also seem to have an inordinate number of retired folk…but I digress. I could speculate at length on why this seems to be the case (adventurous and caring spirits, high morals with a social compass (pun intended) etc) but it is likely for a whole range of reasons.

Perhaps the most important thing I note from this observation is that geocachers are overwhelmingly good and supportive people. For a hobby that does not intrinsically encourage social interaction this is a pleasing thing to see.



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