World’s Smallest GPS

Can you spot the GPSr in this photo? Yep, it’s that tiny square next to the 1 Euro coin.

Thanks to a tip by CrunchGear, It’s Not About The Numbers is pleased to show you the world’s smallest GPS engine … the ORG4472, complete with ARM CPU and firmware. Its power draw is a mere 58 milliwatts.

According to maker OriginGPS, this 7 x 7 x 1.4mm module is the industry’s smallest, autonomous, fully-featured GPS engine – offering “the ultimate in high-sensitivity GPS performance in small size”.

“The ORG4472 module is miniature multi-channel receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view and provides accurate positioning data in industry’s standard NMEA format.”

It also incorporates the new SiRFstarIV™ GPS processor, which “is optimised for how people really use location-aware products: often indoors with periods of unobstructed sky view when moving from place to place”.

“This new architecture can detect changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals to achieve a state of near-continuous availability by maintaining and opportunistically updating its internal fine time, frequency, and ephemeris data while consuming mere microwatts of battery power.”

CrunchGear says while the ORG4472 is not in any devices yet, it is aimed at things “like digital cameras that have no room to spare but could use a few extra features”.

Other possible applications suggested by the Israeli manufacturer include cellular handsets and smartphones, PDAs and personal navigation devices, mobile multimedia devices, sport and recreation accessories, as well as micro-robots and unmanned aircraft.

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