Bean Here, Done That? Possible OCB Visit

Would you help pay A$10,000 for a dented, unlabelled can of beans?

Australia’s James Parr is hoping your answer is yes, considering that tin is the Original Can of Beans. The magazine publisher and webstore owner has this week begun a campaign to bring the ‘Holy Grail’ of geocaching to Australia – and possibly New Zealand – if interest is high enough.

Although his project is still in its infancy, Parr has already spoken to OCB owner and minder, Team360, and posted on the GC.com forums to gauge support for his idea.

He’s currently looking in to travel options but expects the visit to cost about A$10,000. Its timing depends on the success of his ‘Bring OCB Down Under’ fund.

To raise the necessary dollars, Parr is keen to stage a fundraising event but he’ll also try to source corporate sponsorship. “A few dollars each from people and maybe we could pull it off … It would certainly get some attention for geocaching over here.”

For those unfamilar with this legend, the OCB is the first trade item – and the only remaining relic – from the ‘Original Stash’ cache by Dave Ulmer, the father of geocaching, back in May 2000. It was unearthed by Oregon cacher Team360 in 2003 during the placement of Groundspeak’s Original Stash Tribute Plaque – in the presence of Ulmer and while fellow cacher RomadPilot was videoing the ceremony.

Although badly damaged from its partial burial and years of exposure to Portland’s weather, the crushed artefact was cleaned and treated with a rust stopper and UV-resistant polyurethane before being placed in a clear case to ensure its longevity.

Team360 now markets “the most-photographed can of beans in history” as a travel bug, which he takes to event caches worldwide to “promote positive geocaching, and preserve the history of our sport”.
It’s been to many countries but has yet to visit the South Hemisphere.

You can expect more information on Parr’s goal to bring the OCB Down Under in Issue 2 of his Geocaching in Australia magazine – as well as here on It’s Not About The Numbers.

* Yay or Nay? Would you pay to bring the Original Can of Beans here? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. ErikaJean

    Don’t get me wrong, I love geocaching I support the sport and what not – but it seems like a big waste of money to me!

  2. Cumbyrocks

    Yes, I’m not sure about this one. Part of me likes the idea there is something that counts as an historical item for geocaching but I’m really not sure about an old can that could cost $10,000. In saying that I completely understand what James is trying to do and would be happy to support on that basis.

  3. bramasoleiowa

    The tribute plaque to the Original Stash may now be in Groundspeak’s control, but they were nowhere to be found when the plaque was placed in 2003. You should check the tumultuous history of the plaque and how Groundspeak acquired the plaque through shady underhanded dealings this past summer.

  4. James Parr

    Hi all,

    Just to clarify my idea in more detail.

    I’m looking at a larger locations with catering
    and also a leg onto NZ so basically a
    two part trip. A location similar to
    Melbourne / Sydney showgrounds with
    large under cover area plenty of parking
    and catered for. I know this is more than
    the minimum we would need to do but I
    was hoping to get enough people / sponsors
    on board to throw a memorable event.

    Certainly I did not mean to be misunderstood
    at all, but I want the event to be BIG and something
    very memorable and shine a bit of “media” attention
    on geocaching in this country & NZ.

    Thanks for your time

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