New Zealand to get own GPS Satellite system; PM says nuclear weapons and world domination are next

Okay, it’s not true. New Zealand is NOT getting it’s own GPS satellite system and even if we did some freak would likely slash it in the name of freedom rendering it useless and getting away with it in the process. And we’re not getting nuclear weapons either, however a country that already has them is now getting it’s own GPS satellite system…guess who?


As reported on indiatimes.com they will be launching 7 satellites in the next 4 – 6 years for the purpose of “enhancing surveillance capabilities and improving accuracy of its weapon systems.”

The Indian Navigation System (INS) satellites would provide┬ácoverage over India’s areas of interest for military purposes along with its civilian uses, IAF sources said in Bangalore.

Till now, India is dependent on the American GPS and has signed a deal with Russia for using their GLONAS system but having an indigenous system would guarantee the availability of system during crisis or conflicts.

Asked about similar developments in the neighbourhood, they said China was developing its own version of the GPS which will cover the whole globe.

“But we don’t want to cover the whole world and want to focus on the region important for us,” the sources said.

Okay, a little bit scary perhaps. But why do we care?

The system is also likely to be used for other purposes like telecommunications, transport, identifying disaster areas and public safety among others.

The satellites will be placed at a higher geostationary orbit to have a larger signal footprint and lower number of satellites to map the region, they said.

So there is a chance it might be available for public use and may bring yet another potential player in the GPS satellie market. Perhaps one day when you are out caching in India (or Pakistan ;)) you may be able to modify the operating settings of your GPSr to use the US GPS system, the Russian GLONAS system or the Chinese Beidou system, the Indian INS system…or perhaps all four (though not likely I think). The future discussion and debates about which system is more accurate and more stable will certainly be interesting!

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