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Today It’s Not About The Numbers unarchives our weekly ode to something geocaching related that we may take for granted but which helps make our sport awesome.

She’ll be right, mate … And if the cache in question contains a logbook made from Rite in The Rain paper, you know it will be.

Soggy and illegible paper has long plagued geocachers. Nobody wants to hike for miles only to discover they can’t record their find because the cache logsheet has become a mushy ball of pulp after months of exposure to the elements.

Thankfully, in the 1920s, American Jerry Darling had developed his all-weather Rite in the Rain product for the Pacific Northwest logging industry.

Able to withstand the fury of Mother Nature, this patented, recyclable paper shed water and preserved the written image.

Still made in Tacoma, Washington, it is now used worldwide in situations ranging from desert warfare to rainforest insect research – not to mention in all manner of geocaches.

Groundspeak has even partnered with Rite in The Rain to create a line of official geocaching logbooks – though you can also purchase bound books, notebooks and individual printer sheets from the manufacturer.

The company’s motto “Outdoor writing products for outdoor writing people” pretty much sums it up.

Ahh, Rite in The Rain … Keeping cache logbooks as right as, well, rain since geocaching began.



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