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Geocaching in Australia wants you …

Magazine publisher James Parr has just issued a challenge to all New Zealand cachers; if we submit our geo-stories and photos to Geocaching in Australia – The Cache Is Out There within the next five days, he will reward the first two Kiwi entries with a prize.

After yesterday’s post on his fledgling publication, the South Australian businessman told It’s Not About The Numbers that he now has several Australian stories to feature in his premier issue – but still NOTHING from New Zealand geocachers.

“Dare I say it? Will I have to give the New Zealand pages to someone else? Hope not.

“Okay, here’s a challenge to your readers … for the first two New Zealanders to submit stories with a photo, I will post both of them a FREE geocaching-related item after the magazine’s launch.”

We tried to twist Parr’s arm for a hint as to what this item might be, but he was staying tight-lipped. It’s worth noting, though, that he owns the Australian Geocaching Essentials webstore.

Issue No 1 of Geocaching in Australia will be launched in late February/early March.

So who will be the first two Kiwi cachers to submit their stories and photographs? Cumbyrocks and I myself are seriously considering taking part. After all, we can’t let those Australians beat us.

So are you doing all you can for your country?

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