Loved Ones Ashes Go Into Geocache

I was poking around Opencaching.com this morning (I thought I’d seen reference to a site update somewhere, but I can’t find anything) and thought I’d check out how the review process was coming along and what was being reviewed. The very last cache up for review was something I hadn’t imagined I would see (emphasis mine):


This cache is a memorial cache, it contains the remains of my late father so do not open it unless you want to see what ashes look like. It was my father’s wishes that he be laid to rest in as many memorial caches as possible, this one is the first to be located in an area were the public can gain accesses.

You put WHAT in that geocache!?!

Now, before you start accusing me of being all squeamish I need to point out that I grew up in a funeral home. I experienced all aspects of the business and thoroughly enjoyed it. On many occasion Dad would get home for dinner just as dinner was on the table and place the box of ashes he was carrying in the middle of the table, like some kind of weird centre-piece.

So no, this isn’t me being squeamish, this is me thinking placing someone’s ashes in a geocache crosses all sorts of lines and creates all sorts of problems. Firstly it’s inappropriate to expose other people so directly to someone’s ashes. It’s one thing to carry them around yourself but to make other people handle them as part of this game does not fit into my concept of decency.

Secondly there is all sorts of potential for things to go wrong here. How many geocachers fail to read the listing properly and then just rip the cache open when they get there. What if it’s dark and they can’t read the outside of the container? What if the container begins to fail? I can see someone being really happy with the idea that they are covered in someone else’s remains.

Now I’m all for honouring people with a geocache. I even created one in honour of my most recent addition to the family. But you don’t see me placing the placenta into a cache do you!?!

Fortunately three of the four opencaching.com users who had reviewed it  had given it the thumbs down and sitting on a rating of -82 it was unlikely to go through:

Tomcat93-30 no!


SwineFlew-37 Poor taste to have someone ashes in a cache.IMHO. No rules against it as far I know, but I am voting no because I think most people wont like it.

kcmendy-21 Looks like private property. Is there a log? Can you legally place your father’s ashes there?

Now some might argue that this sort of thing should be allowed, but IMHO I don’t think this should be part of the game.

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