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From Brigham Young University’s Daily Universe paper:

Police Beat for Feb. 2

Wed, 02/02/2011 – 00:52


Jan. 20: Officers received reports of students climbing trees in front of the McKay Building. When officers responded, the students told police they had not been climbing the trees, but had just been looking up in them for a geocache. The geocache was located while police were present.

Clearly a few lessons in being discreet are needed! What I found amusing though was the next entry in this newsletter:

Jan. 21: Police received reports of individuals climbing trees in front of the ASB. When officers arrived, they found the tree-climbers to be members of grounds crew trimming branches.  No crime was committed.

I’m sorry? Were the grounds crew wearing balaclavas? Did the fact they were carrying large secateurs go unnoticed? I also like the line at the end, “No crime was committed”, because it’s easy to suspect that hedge trimming is an offensive. And does the absence of this line from the geocaching report imply that geocaching is a crime? Those Brigham cachers must be hardcore.

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