10 things I would give up for Geocaching

A conversation ensued recently about how addicted I was to geocaching. As I fervently defended myself by arguing that I wasn’t addicted, merely passionate, about the hobby I decided outlining what I wouldn’t give up for geocaching might help me win the argument. However, I soon discovered that my protestations simply gave my associates (note the demotion from friend status :p ) more fodder to clobber me with. It seems that declaring you would not give up your family for geocaching is not enough to claim you aren’t addicted.

But this got me to thinking about what I would actually give up for geocaching. If a gun was held to my held what are the biggest things I would give up for geocaching? After a little thought here is my list.

Top 10 things I’d give up for Geocaching:

  1. My car – Yes, this would make geocaching more difficult and my find rate would likely crash, but part of me even likes the idea of having to run or cycle some distance to go caching. It would probably make up for all the caches stuck at the beginning of tracks rather than a few hours in! I’d probably never make another FTF though…hmmm
  2. My Blackberry – I know, I know, this one seems¬†inconceivable, especially as it happens to be my favoured GPS. But as much as I love my Blackberry I’d revert to using yellow disaster (my eTrex) if needed. Again, my chances of getting a FTF would probably slip to nil. It’d be a tough life, and I might cry myself to sleep each night, but I could do it.
  3. My 50 inch Flat Screen TV – given that I’ve largely stopped watching TV since I started geocaching this probably isn’t as hard as you might think. Plus there are two bigger ones downstairs in the college…
  4. Holidays – haven’t felt the need for one since I started geocaching, so happy to give them up. I spend enough time rambling around in the bush now that I’m quite happy to chill out at home. Plus the idea of going away stresses me out…how exactly am I supposed to find all the caches in an area in such a short period of time!?!
  5. Singing classic songs badly at the top of my voice – one of my secret, guilty pleasures that inflicts pain and suffering on anyone within earshot (namely my family). My kids are well versed in screaming “Daddy stop singing!”.
  6. The Gas Fire – You press a ¬†button, it sparks and…poof…a roaring fire is instantly pumping heat into the room. What’s even better is the timer that starts it up at 6:30am so the house is toasty warm before I crawl out of bed. It’ll go before the GPS does.
  7. My Caching Gloves – My most valued geocaching tool, with the exception of my Blackberry, is my pair of sturdy gardening gloves that protect my girly hands from all the nasty thorns. These things allow me to scramble along in the thickest Blackberry without even noticing it.
  8. The Ability to Talk – actually this is what most others are wishing for…
  9. Pies – Big, fatty, meaty pies. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pies.
  10. It’s Not About The Numbers – Probably the hardest call I could make and it was a hard call between the blog and the kids. Ultimately it came down to the fact that the kids are slightly more useful for geocaching. Of course I’m joking. Really. I love my kids. Yes, I did take the ebay auctions down.

Got something big you think you’d give up for geocaching? Feel free to add it in the comments below.


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  1. kjwx

    You forgot work, the pets and your iPad, Cumbyrocks …

    1. Cumbyrocks

      I did seriously think about all of those things. I wouldn’t give up Cadbury and Tom for Geocaching. I would give up work if I didn’t need the money (ie I had won Lotto) but the flexibility in my current job is one of the things that allows me to cache so much. Therefore I won’t be giving that up in a hurry. The iPad I would lose in a heartbeat though.

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