The latest update on is complete. The run down on what’s new from the forum is:

Geocaching Favorites

Geocaching Favorites is a simple way to track and share the caches that you enjoyed the most. For every 10 caches that you have found, you will be able to Favorite 1 exceptional cache in your find history. The Favorites accumulated by a cache are displayed in search results and on the cache page so everyone can see which caches stand above the rest.

Premium Members can earn and spend Favorite Points, and sort search results by the most Favorited caches within a radius of your search. Basic Members also benefit by seeing how many Favorites a cache has earned in search results and on the individual cache pages.

New in Phase 2

Click the ribbon in search results to view the percentage of Premium Member finds to Favorites.

Posted Image

…and on the cache page by clicking the down arrow on the Favorites total.

Posted Image

We have other plans in the works for further modifying this number so that it accurately reflects the quality of a cache when other factors such as age and cache accessibility are taken into account.

In addition we have made it easier to Favorite a cache both before and after composing a Find log for it.

Visit your profile to see how many Favorite Points you have accumulated, or the Knowledge Base to learn more about Favorites.

I can’t decide whether I like this feature or not. Okay, it gives the whole favourites thing a little more meaning, something to judge the quality of the cache by, but I’m left wondering what all the standard member cachers think? Perhaps it would be good to also include the percentage of premium members who have found the cache? Maybe I’m just an information vampire who should shut up and be thankful for another good update… 😉

Geocaching Maps Beta

Give it a test drive!

Take one look and this new map speaks for itself. The fundamental engineering of the maps has been completely revamped to utilize a tiling system that generates and stores map tile images on the fly. Once an area has been generated the data is cached briefly so subsequent visits to that area appear almost instantaneously. No more waiting, and no more 500 cache limit!

New in Phase 2

  • Display your cache finds and hides
  • Remove your cache finds and hides (Premium)
  • Filter by cache type (Premium)
  • Added My Topo mapping

Posted Image

Had a wee play of this and it looked good. Looking forward to this eventually replacing the current mapping system – that thing is driving me nuts!

Geocaching Statistics

View yours!

What was your biggest caching day of all time? Geocaching Statistics lets you visualize your geocaching activity in different ways, and serves as a checklist of challenges to tackle in the process of becoming a well-rounded geocacher.

I’d love to report these were awesome…but they were down when I went to play. From the forums it appears they may have had an issue, so maybe tomorrow I can have some fun.


View your caching activity in regions around the world with these new interactive maps. Scroll over a country to view the number of caches found within a region.

Posted Image


You can now display your major geocaching milestones in a separate tab of your public statistics. Allow the site to generate the milestones on your behalf, or make individual corrections in your Account Details.

Posted Image

Displaying your Statistics

In this release we offer you more control over which statistics you wish to display to the world. Edit your statistics settings.

Posted Image

Posted ImageWhere do we go from here?

Except for small tweaks here and there, Maps, Stats and Favorites are now in a good state to let the community get to know the features and offer feedback for improvement. But don’t worry, we’re headed back in the lab to develop some exciting new Geocaching toys.

Overall a pretty good set of updates that leaves you interested to see what comes out of the bag next. With nothing much happening over at it will be interesting to see whether keeps up the pace (I hope they do). I noted a complaint on the forum from one of the three members who seem to comment there regularly that they wished there were more updates to, just like at Hmmm, are Garmin just taking their time or was that it?



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