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It occurred to me as I published my last post about the love gift I received today from Geocaching Australia that many out there may not be that familiar with the items in the package or the fact that you can buy the majority of these items from the online shop at Geocaching Australia.

The first item I mentioned was the Geocaching Australia sticker which are sold in packs of three.

They are 76mm by 76mm and printed on premium-grade white vinyl stock for added strength and durability, using light-fast inks and a UV-resistant varnish to protect your stickers from fading.

There are a large number of Geocaching Australia Pathtags. I was quite impressed with these, especially the Australian animal range that I’m going to enjoy showing to my half-Australian children before I release some of them into the wild.

Pathtags are personal trading items. Used most often in Geocaching, they are also very handy for Scouting, Military and Promotional use.

A pathtag is a single-sided custom metal tag about the size and weight of a U.S. Quarter, a one Euro coin or an Australian ten cent piece. The precise dimension of Pathtags are 23mm in diameter and 2.0mm thick. Pathtags are made from a solid iron base and are plated in a protective colored plating of either silver, gold, copper, or black nickel.

Pathtags are not typically traveling items such as Geocoins or Travel Bugs. They are generally used as personal “signature items” for Geocaching or other trade item. If found, simply log it and the tag’s profile will display for you to view. Unless the profile says otherwise, you are welcome to add it into your permanent collection.

And my personal favourite the Geocaching Australia Cloth Patch.

Measuring 62.5mm x 62.5mm (around 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches), these woven cloth patches can be sewn onto a plethora of caching crap you have hanging around.

They also make great trade items at a very reasonable price.

Looking to spruce up your caching hat, bag, shirt, hoodie, socks, jeans or space station?

You can’t go past a Geocaching Australia Cloth Patch.


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  1. kjwx

    For what it’s worth, I’m also a big fan of Geocaching Australia’s laminated stash notes at A$4 for a pack of five.

  2. SSeegars

    I am a huge fan of patches and I have to buy some stuff from down under! I never thought of it before this article.

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