All my Geocaching Australia Christmas’s have come at once!

Well, it seems today is officially the Geocaching Australia Christmas Day here at It’s Not About The Numbers. 😀

Firstly a mysterious package arrived on my desk from my friends at Geocaching Australia, Craigrat and caughtatwork. It seems they felt my pain at the lack of love from the geocache listing service who shall not be named and sent me a care package of Geocaching Australia goodies. 😀 The package contained some excellent Geocaching Australia stickers, a huge number of Geocaching Australia Pathtags and, my personal favourite, a Geocaching Australia Cloth Patch. Thanks guys, that was immensely generous and a great surprise that brightened a week that seems devoid of geocaching!!!!

The second Geocaching Australia surprise for the day was the logging of the first trip of my Geocaching Australia moveable cache Wallace the Wandering Warrior Gnome. I’ve always wanted to log a moveable cache but since the nearest to me is 310km NE I wasn’t about to get there in a hurry. So the next best thing was to send forth my own wandering cache. Enter Wallace, a Gnome like fellow posted here to protect Dunedin’s reserve walkers from the scourge of the Trolls. His patrol area includes Mount Cargill, Flagstaff, Swampy, McQuilkans and the Racemans areas.

For a few days I wondered whether the little fellow would ever get a lift in an area not particularly familiar with Geocaching Australia. But thankfully today he was collected and reposted in another location (thanks katie w!). What was brilliant on this occasion was that the new location is completely off the beaten track in a place I wasn’t aware of. Wallace had been posted at the beginning of the Mt Cargill/Organ Pipes track and he is now located on a old, unused track in the area. I’m now itching to get out and try to find and explore this track I had no idea about.

And thirdly, for the first time in ages, my two geocaching assistants (Mr 4 and Mr 3) both slept until 7am in their own beds. Now I can’t prove it but I suspect this is a Geocaching Australia Christmas miracle…

Thanks again Craigrat and caughtatwork!


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  1. kjwx

    You better be sharing, Cumbyrocks …

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Well that depends whether you are on the naughty or nice list! :p

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