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In the first of an occasional new series, It’s Not About The Numbers asks fellow cachers to find themselves, rather than a hidden container.

Today’s victim is Whipped_Cookie, of Wellington, New Zealand.

Age: 25
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Occupation: Works part-time as receptionist while completing a Master’s degree at university.
GPSr: Garmin eTrex – this was my first, it’s simple to use and cheap. I also use a Garmin nüvi 1390T to get to places and to store cache info.
Start date: Since August 2010 – almost five months.
Current tally: As of today (19/01/2011), I’ve found 157 and hidden one- in Germany.
Best geo-memory: My friend found a plastic whale in one of the caches and took it. It was his best friend for a long time, and always went caching with him – until his girlfriend accidentally dropped or lost (and killed) it … drama pure but hilarious!
Favourite type of cache: Traditional and Mystery (puzzles!)
Most often found caching at … Weekends
With … Friends
Daily caching record: 11 finds in one day.
Most consecutive caching days: 6
Best find: GC2FKGY Go, Trolley Bus. Go! (Wellington) – it was fun looking for all the little multis and rewarding to find the final.
Worst find: The worst caches in general were in Auckland, there is just no good GPS reception! The hardest was GC146GH Catch the Ferry (Auckland), which was about 30 metres off.
Furthest find from home: Catch the Ferry (Auckland) – though I placed my first cache (GC2KKYXZ Kiwi being Rabem) in Germany in December!
Hardest find: GC1GE87 Oriental Bay, Texas (Wellington) – there were so many possible spots to hide this cache!
Silliest mistake: Entering the coords wrongly and wondering why it was 800 kilometres off 😀
Worst injury: No injuries so far, apart from a few scratches from bushes.
Animal encounters on the trail: Just some tuis. [Editor’s note: For our readers abroad, that’s a native New Zealand bird. The tui is neither scary, nor dangerous.]
Trackables – yes or no? They are great, I always take them!
Best travel bug or geocoin found: S’n’N’s Curse of the Pirates Treasure Geocoin   
Lessons learnt: I’ve found lots of nice hidden spots right next door!
Is it all about the numbers for you? Yes – I need more finds, i.e numbers.



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