Still waiting for my Opencaching.com gift pack

I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my OpenCaching.com gift pack any day now, just as geocacher OXCacher has received his. His love gift from the Garmin-run site was so powerful that it lead to quick change of web address from www.undergroundspeak.com to OXCacher.com (the OX being the Opencaching.com code for caches and means ‘Open’). So quick was the change that, having initially read his post on undergroundspeak.com, I thought Garmin’s listing service must have given away two packs when OXCacher’s post popped up. But good on OXCacher for sharing the love around and giving most of his OX haul away. 🙂

No sign yet of an OpenCaching.com merchandise webstore opening but it surely can’t be too far away. Cache At Night is already selling an OpenCaching.com T-shirt and mug.

Meanwhile, my enormous OpenCaching.com gift basket must be on the way. Any exposure is good exposure right!? 😉


  1. SSeegars

    Yeah, if were you I wouldn’t sit out by the mail box waiting. I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath!

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Yeah, you are probably right. Being a new site and given Garmin is under-performing they can probably only afford the one! 😉

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