When cache maintenance goes bad…

What should have been a routine check on a recently published cache became an embarrassing moment this evening.

A few DNF’s on GC2M4E4 ‘Whilst Expecting Toby’s Arrival’ lead me out to this obscure beach to check the cache was still there. The cache is located next to one of two walls which make up the ruins of an old mill or quarry there and is surrounded by trees. Being in a hurry I dashed between the two walls and nearly ran into two people right next to the cache. At first glance they appeared to be hunched over peering into the trees where the cache was and I thought I had stumbled upon geocachers. My second glance, one I wish I could forever erase from my memory, revealed far more and confirmed they were definitely not geocaching. I’m sure you can guess what they were doing.

Fortunately I turned away before I got a good look at their faces, Dunedin is a small place after all. But I regret that as I turned I uttered “ah, sorry guys” and didn’t have something far more witty and appropriate for the geocaching situation like “I hope you’ve got a baggy for that thing” or “don’t forget to sign the logbook”.

I scooted off down the track and watched the surfers for a few moments. Then realising the ‘happy couple’ would have been spooked I went back to check the cache. Sure enough they were gone and the cache was all in order.

GC.com already have attributes for most dangers but I’m wondering now whether they need to add one for this!


  1. SSeegars

    LOL lovin it! We had a similar situation happen here. Me and a friend were caching in another city in a park frequented for what is called “cruising” here.

    I was checking for the next cache and my friend was standing outside the car leaning against the fender when a gentleman walked up and said hi. My friend was nice and said hi back as they fell into conversation. The gent mentioned that it sure was hot that day and my friend agreed. I don’t know if that was the code word or what, but all of sudden the guy takes his shirt off and scoots a little closer on the side of the car.

    The look on my friends face was priceless! I knew what was up the whole time (no pun intended) and was sitting in the car laughing my butt off. He quickly made his way to the passenger side and we got out of there.

    I just want to add that I have no problem with others sexual preference but there is a time and place for everything. You REALLY have to watch where you go geocaching, you never know what you are going to run into.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Hmm, I wonder how you factor that into the difficulty rating? No thorns, long walks or equipment required…

  2. robnzh

    I hate to tell you but looks like a lot of DNFs lately.
    Do you want me to post a needs archived so you don’t need to go back lol.

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