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And the result of It’s Not About The Numbers’ readers’ choice poll was a landslide victory for American Robert Harwell (GC name: harwell5), of North Carolina. Congratulations Robert, your new Garmin chirp is in the mail.

Two weeks ago Harwell, who helps runs the Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club, entered a photo of his sons geocaching in Charleston, South Carolina for our first wireless beacon giveaway, commenting: “It’s a little blurry because one of my sons moved at the moment I snapped the picture, but you get the idea of why I think geocaching is not about the numbers. It’s about the family time spent together and we love the fun memories it creates. I wish it was clearer.”

Back then, we asked for submissions of a photo or video that best represented how caching was not about the numbers for you. Eleven cachers obliged and, after much deliberation by Cumbyrocks and myself, Anne Garman of Michigan was named as our lucky winner, with Kieran Philip of Central Otago the runner-up. But the quality of those 16 entries was so high that we decided to award another chirp via a readers’ choice poll.

Sixty-four votes later, Harwell’s snapshot was obviously the clear favourite, capturing more than 53 per cent of the ballot. You also liked Jay DeBoer (DigitalMDX) – It’s Not About The Numbers video (22 per cent), Gerard Hyland (GSVNoFixedAbode) – Two Mates (5 per cent) and Anne Dahse (whipped_cookie) – “this view is priceless” (4 per cent).

Thanks again to everyone who entered and voted. It’s Not About The Numbers hopes to launch another competition soon – if you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to win, feel free to comment below or email us through our Contact page.

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  1. SSeegars

    Holy crap! He won?!?!? I guess we’ll hear about this for awhile. I actually know Rob. He is also on the Geocoinfest US 2011 Planning committee with me. Congrats Rob!

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