Our TB Cannonball Run

“And they’re racing …”

After months of cache hiccups and some stalling on my part, round two of the Great Geocaching Sibling Showdown has finally begun.

kjwx's Highway Patrol

The contenders in this familial spat are Cumbyrocks’ Big Red Car TB33HAQ and my own kjwx’s Highway Patrol TB33HBP, both toy cars released as trackables last March as a birthday gift from my brother.
In round one – nicknamed the Travel Bug Cannonball Run – our travel bugs raced to the other sibling’s home destination (or at least the closest cache). Cumbyrocks’ Big Red Car quickly zoomed away from Dunedin’s GCJ7DB Carolyn’s View, arriving at GC1BX9X Monkey Menace in Wellington before kjwx’s Highway Patrol had even left the starting cache.

Winner of Round One: Cumbyrocks Big Red Car

Of course, I firmly believe Cumbyrocks rigged that first lap in his favour. Placing my car in GC1BX9X required a steep hill climb up behind Wellington Zoo, then a short slide down a gorse-covered bank near the chimpanzee enclosure. Yet he only had to walk a few hundred metres from his home to his start line.

Six weeks later, I reclimbed Mt Albert to collect his victorious vehicle and my loser law machine. Now, we’re racing again.

According to the rules, our TBs must travel by land or sea – no aeroplanes; Cumbyrocks and kjwx cannot touch the travel bugs or organise any sort of interference with them before they reach their final destination, unless determined by mutual agreement. One hundred points are awarded to the winner of each round, with a further 10 points for every photo taken of the TB during the race and then uploaded to GC.com.

After round one, Cumbyrocks had a score of 100, while I was on a miserly zero. My darling sibling wouldn’t even spot me 10 points after I uploaded a picture of my TB during the race.
This time both vehicles are geared up for the trip from Wellington’s GC1K0RB Cruising Cache to Dunedin’s GC20ZAM A Cross to Bare No More.

Any one brave enough to wager who will win round two? Or how long this lap will take? Comment below or email us through our Contact page.


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  1. Guwapo's Papa

    Since when does the cop car get to the finish line first??

    Opening Odds:

    Big Red Car 5/2
    Highway Patrol 10/2


    1. AdventureTharon

      It is probably because the cop car stuck to the speed limit!!!!!

      Another year and another bunch of cachers……….so lets see what will happen this year!!


  2. Graeme.N

    In the unlikely event I get to Cumbyrock’s TB (before it leaves the North Island), I’m sure I could arrange for it to take a “detour”! lol

  3. kjwx

    Sounds like you’re a man after my own heart, Graeme.

  4. Guwapo's Papa

    Hmmm….off to Wellington for a business trip next week with the chance to liberate one of the racers and bring back to Dunedin has been foiled by the no flying rule!!

    Although I could be persuaded to liberate one and leave it in our Wellington office for a few days, weeks…..


    1. Cumbyrocks

      I fear the wrath of kjwx too much to dabble in clandestine tactics!

  5. kjwx

    You do make me laugh, Cumbyrocks. Need I remind you our contest rules were determined by you alone? Am now curious, though, as to whether you thought you were protecting my vehicle or your’s with the ‘No Interference’ clause.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Merely trying to create a level playing field with that one. Plus you cheat like demon! 😛

  6. kjwx

    Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black … Thankfully, I’m much too polite to spill all your childhood secrets here, Cumbyrocks.

  7. Guwapo's Papa

    Papa was in town for another business trip so decided to go and liberate one or both of the racers to another hide further along the waterfront. However it looks like the race is on because the Big Red Car and the chasing Highway Patrol are nowhere to be seen!!

  8. kjwx

    Thanks for the heads-up, Papa. Unfortunately, with both vehicles missing the Great Sibling Showdown may have become something of a car wreck – a situation I find most disappointing on the eve of the race’s anniversary. We are, however, tracking down the cachers we believe responsible.
    And no doubt if the worst-case scenario happens, Cumbyrocks and myself will find another TB or two to taunt the other with.

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