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With the introduction of opencaching.com last year there was a lot of talk about geocache listing services. One of the things we noticed was that there wasn’t much of a focus on what the other listing services were and what they offered. In an attempt to rectify this we have invited the other listing services to write a guest post on It’s Not About The Numbers. In this guest post we welcome Jerry from Opencaching.us:

1. What is the website?


2. What does opencaching.us offer?

Opencaching US offers a full range of cache listings including several types that are unique to the site. We offer traditional, multi, quiz, moving, event, webcam, virtual, MP3, guest book and dead drop caches.

3.  Who does it target?

Our target audience is the general geocaching community. We are not a niche site as we offer a full range of geocaching services and all at no cost to the end user.

4. Who is it run by?

The site is run by volunteers, headed by Jerry, aka RVRoadTrip and Dave, aka DudleyGrunt.

5. How and why did it start?

The site was started because we felt there was not a viable alternative to geocaching.com. We felt that it was not good for the hobby for one corporate entity to control the user supplied cache listings.

RVRoadTrip Geocaching on the Road!

We are very similar to geocaching.com except that we are 100% free and we offer more features. We feel everyone should have access to the user supplied listings. We have many listings that are unique to our site, we have users ratings in place so that poorly placed caches are quickly discovered and we also have a system in place to handle orphaned and missing caches. We don’t want anyone to search for a cache that isn’t there.

7. What impact does your organisation think the recent changes in listing services (ie the intro of opencaching.com) will have on your service and on the wider geocaching hobby?

The launch of opencaching.com is simply another corporation seeking a way to market their goods.  That site is not affiliated with the nation based opencaching sites that have been in existence for years (see www.opencaching.eu for the list). Their site is quite problematic and it is frustrating users which is bad for the hobby.  I feel many people will be turned off by the problems at opencaching.com. Our site is growing daily and we feel that Opencaching US will become a substantial player in the geocache listing category.

Thanks Jerry and all the best for Opencaching.us! For those folk interested I can highly recommend checking out Jerry & Cynthias Great American RV Road Trip site – it’s a great read.

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