10 signs you’re a FTF addict…

  1. You have a special cache publish message alert to notify you. [audio:http://www.notaboutthenumbers.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/20th_century_fox.mp3|titles=20th_century_fox]
  2. You only keep the Geocaching iPhone app on your phone so you can save 1.2 minutes by not having to download the GPX
  3. You get really grumpy when those pesky reviewers publish a cache at a time that doesn’t suit you.
  4. You go out caching on Christmas Day in the hope of getting a FTF
  5. You continue to run GSAK FindStatGen statistics because Groundspeak haven’t introduced a FTF function in their statistics programme yet.
  6. Your initial thought is that a loggable FTF code in new caches is a good idea.
  7. The biggest motivator for you to dress the kids first thing in the morning is that you may need to rush out the door for a FTF and it would make that process faster.
  8. The next time people see you after you’ve run out the door of your house/apartment building/residential college the first thing they ask is “Did you get it?”.
  9. Maintaining a certain percentage of FTF’s is one of your yearly geocaching goals.
  10. When you don’t get a FTF other cachers think it must be because your wife is in labour. (Note that Queen Mary is a maternity hospital).

Disclaimer: Not all of the above necessarily applies to Cumbyrocks. Honest. 😀

Got your own signs of FTF addiction? Feel free to add them below.


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  1. AdventureTharon

    “Disclaimer: Not all of the above necessarily applies to Cumbyrocks. Honest. ”

    Ye right!!!!!

    Like number 3.



  2. Stegan

    11. Innocent everyday errands such as getting milk, or driving out to Mosgiel at 11pm to check that its still there invoke the facial contortions known as the “You’re not going geocaching are you!” look on the significant other.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Lol – let’s make sure our wives never meet! 🙂

  3. Guwapo

    12. Drive 51km on a miserable wet night, skipping dinner in the process.

    1. Adventuretharon

      13. Going to work early to find it before someone else!!

  4. gsvnofixedabode

    Good to see that nothing much changes 😉

  5. kjwx

    Note the newest addiction clue above …
    No 14: You’re out FTF hunting when your wife’s waters break – a situation Cumbyrocks is now well versed on; his newest caching assistant having been born at 6.23pm.
    Hopefully we’ll have him out caching soon.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      What’s worse is that it appears I was mere inches from discovering the cache when I received the call. However, as disappointing as not getting the FTF is I like to think the fact that I raced straight home and didn’t have another quick look is a good indication I’m not addicted. 😀

  6. dsds

    So it’s not about the numbers, but it’s about being the first to find something? Does the geocache change if your the second? Or 3,000th?

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Geocaching has multiple meanings for each person. Each cacher will have a complex set of preferences about the hobby. For me it is mostly about the caches placed in scenic bush areas that take a good hike. But it’s also about the healthy competition that exists to be the first to find. This is less important than the experience had finding the scenic bush caches and I find it goes a long way to improving my enjoyment of the less enjoyable urban caches. I still obtain a huge amount of enjoyment whether I’m first or 3000th.

      Part of the beauty of racing for FTF is that it doesn’t impact the enjoyment of other cachers who may not enjoy that competition. If someone is not a fan of FTF hunting then they are under no pressure to compete and nothing really changes for them in finding the cache. But for those of us who enjoy a little bit of competition it is great. I also find this competition doesn’t detract from the overall experience for me, where hunting caches to reach a certain number and therefore doing big caching days does detract.

  7. Guwapo

    Leaving your elderly mother home alone….

    “Deserted … elderly mother taking refuge from her rest home in Christchurch. Hopefully she was asleep and didn’t even notice us sneaking out.”

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