Geocaching with your [insert apple product here] is about to get even better

Dual Electronics, the makers of the GPS Cradle for iTouch, have announced they will soon be releasing the first universal Bluetooth-equipped GPS receiver designed to add GPS to tablets, iPod Touches and other portable devices lacking built-in GPS.

GPS Cradle for iTouch

Consumer electronics website Twice has reported on the announcement:

The battery-powered XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS receiver can also be used to improve the GPS accuracy of devices with built-in Bluetooth, the company said.

Bluetooth-connected devices must support the Bluetooth SPP (serial port profile).

“This product works with many devices: iPod touch, iPad, iPhone and other Bluetooth-enabled smart phones and tablets,” said marketing director Joanna Lukins. “There are many companies out there who provide navigation apps for these devices, and the XGPS150 works with pretty much any app.” In addition, the GPS receiver “will work with most GPS-aware apps, not just apps for in-car navigation.” As a result, consumers can use an iPod Touch as a golf range finder, use an iPad for boat navigation with chart-plotting apps), use an iPod touch or iPhone with apps for geocaching, and the like.

“To our knowledge, it is the first universal GPS receiver on the market that works with Apple products as well as other, non-Apple devices,” she added.

This could be another big advancement for providing GPS technology to the masses and another, potential, nail in the coffin for GPS manufacturers. This cradle will give anyone with an Apple product or similar to have decent, portable GPS navigation. Whilst you’re not likely to ramble through the bush with your iPad it would be excellent for less adventurous caching. Of course with a decent protective casing anything is suitable for adventurous caching – for example my Blackberry Bold encased in an Otterbox.

I’ll be very interested to see what the cradle costs when it is released – it would be excellent to have one!

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