OpenCaching Survey Results: It’s A Knockout!


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Three weeks ago, we produced Get In The Ring 2, Round 2 – our follow-up poll on Garmin’s new Those results are now in and it seems Round 2 is a knockout to Signal and the crew at Groundspeak. More than 150 people responded to our survey, so here’s a breakdown of that match punch by punch …

1. Have you signed up to

Yes – a massive 85 per cent of you have signed up. But 70 per cent only did so to take a look around or secure their caching handle.

2. Now you’re a member of, you have …

Retained your account and intend to use both? Well, 29 per cent of you have. A huge 65 per cent decided was not for them. It’s worth noting that OpenCaching did land some butterfly kisses on here, with 2 per cent of respondants saying they would quit altogether. I guess those cachers want to slow down their find rate …

3. Perhaps the most important question … Signal or Opie?

Another knock-down punch as Signal romped away with 59 per cent of the vote. Opie managed 4 per cent. However, 20 per cent of you thought they were both lame. Perhaps it’s time to send Signal to boot camp for some toning? I can just imagine …

4. As a new user of, I plan to …

Sit back and see if any caches are published in your area, according to 61 per cent of you. A few (10 per cent) will cross-list from and a few less (7 per cent) will list only caches. Wanting to publish something those pesky declined … well, 6 per cent of you are. What is quite perplexing is that 14 per cent have ‘other’ intentions for OpenCaching. I won’t list them here but the one I enjoyed the most was: “… leave OpenCaching again. Screaming!”

5. How do you feel about not having reviewers?

This is really the knockout blow – 80 per cent are unhappy about the absence of reviewers and are concerned over the community’s ability to maintain the integrity and quality of cache placement. What is interesting to take out of this is that quite a number of those who signed up to clearly have concerns over the lack of reviewers. I wonder whether the new peer review system at and the recent changes have done anything to allay those fears?

6. Has the Garmin/ saga made you re-evaluate what make of GPSr you use?

The fight has already been won and this is really just pouring salt in the wound. The introduction of has made 46 per cent of voters re-evaluate which GPSr they use. From our first Get In The Ring poll 91 per cent said they used Garmin. So the introduction of, and perhaps the way it all happened, has really left a foul taste in the mouths of Garmin users. Whilst 21 per cent of those who are reconsidering have said they’ll stick with Garmin, another 48 per cent have said they won’t buy Garmin next time. Considering the introducation of must be an attempt to bolster a failing handheld GPS market this result must be seen as a short-term fail. It will be interesting to see whether this result transfers into the long term. Keep in mind that the remaining 31 per cent of these folk are yet to make up their mind which way they’ll go.

The full results are available at the original Get In The Ring, Round 2 post. As always we love to hear your thoughts and opinions!



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