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Now hear this …

[audio:] You’ve read how and why it came about … now you can hear Rob Pearce’s song for yourself. It’s Not About The Numbers is proud to present Don’t Tell My Wife (I’m Out Geocaching) for your listening pleasure. And don’t forget to buy your own copy of the American cacher’s song at iTunes.

GeoPolice Academy: Only power-trippers need apply

If you haven’t noticed the little tab on the left-hand side of the screen at then you should really take a look. This is the feedback forum, the place where geocachers get to suggest ideas, comment on them and vote for the ones they like. It is an excellent system and allows you to …

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Walking Access Map of Aotearoa


A useful tool that has just become available in beta is the New Zealand Walking Access Commission’s online public access mapping system. This tool has been developed to help people identify NZ land that is open to recreational access on foot. The system has three base layers: cadastral, topographical and aerial photography. The cadastral or …

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Hot off the press: New geo-magazine


EXCLUSIVE Extra! Extra! Read all about it … New Australian magazine set to wow caching community. You heard it here first. James Parr, the owner of webstore Australian Geocaching Essentials, will soon be delivering the first copies of his new venture Geocaching in Australia – The cache is out there – named as a play …

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‘Don’t Tell My Spouse I’m Geocaching …’


It’s a common phrase, but American cacher Rob Pearce has taken it to another level, recording – and selling – an original song on the subject. He tells It’s Not About The Numbers how his long-suffering family cope with his geo-addiction and musical leanings. “My wife was the one who introduced me to geocaching – …

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World Air Traffic Over 24 Hours

A fellow cacher sent this to me today and I found it so fascinating I had to share. This is a 24 hour observation of all of the large aircraft flights in the world, condensed down to 1:11. From space we look like a bee hive of activity.   What you will see, is a video showing air traffic around …

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Support a truly open caching dot com – Shop at Geocaching Australia

It occurred to me as I published my last post about the love gift I received today from Geocaching Australia that many out there may not be that familiar with the items in the package or the fact that you can buy the majority of these items from the online shop at Geocaching Australia. The …

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All my Geocaching Australia Christmas’s have come at once!


Well, it seems today is officially the Geocaching Australia Christmas Day here at It’s Not About The Numbers. 😀 Firstly a mysterious package arrived on my desk from my friends at Geocaching Australia, Craigrat and caughtatwork. It seems they felt my pain at the lack of love from the geocache listing service who shall not …

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Coming Soon: SPOT for your Smartphone

Some time ago I wrote a post about the SPOT GPS device and it’s partnering with the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60. Now SPOT have announced the new SPOT connect for Smartphones. SPOT Connect™ turns leading smartphones into a personal one-way satellite communicator capable of sending messages with GPS position to personal contacts, social networks or to …

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GPS Satellites Moved for More Robust, Accurate Signals

A news article from Inside GNSS reports: By next June, the United States GPS constellation will attain the most optimal geometry in its 42 year history. Over time, that means a more robust signal, more accuracy and more reliability in GPS-challenged environments. This is an interesting and excellent thing. No geocacher would disagree that more …

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