Year of the Geo-Goal

BunnyForget Year of the Rabbit; for me, 2011 will be year of the geo-goal.

These aren’t your usual New Year’s resolutions; without the influence of alcohol or Auld Lang Syne, I’ve carefully penned a list 15 pledges I hope to fulfill before next December 31st.

Unlike Cumbyrocks who set his yearly aims on his first geocaching anniversary, my own start date is not so clearcut. I signed up to GC.com on November 4, 2009 (so I could check what my sibling was raving on about) but didn’t seek out my first find till 25 days later and I didn’t sign up as a premium member for many months after that. For my first year, I had only three goals – to hit 100 finds, to keep as close as possible to Cumbyrocks’ lead and to complete all the hides around my home suburb.

No 1 was easy; I’m currently on 388 finds – though my aim of hitting the big 400 by December 31st is now a washout. No 2 has been more of a roller-coaster ride; sometimes my geo-sibling is way ahead, but as the arrival of Cumbyrocks Junior No 3 nears, I’ve been slowly clawing my way back – though, ultimately I’ve accepted that he’ll always lead the family’s caching charge. To tick off No 3, I need to complete seven more caches – all within minutes of my home but involving tricky hill climbs, super-tough puzzles or a sea voyage.

So for the next 365 days:
1. Buy a new GPSr: DONE I sold my trusty yellow Garmin Etrex to a fellow cacher for Christmas and am now awaiting the Postie’s delivery of a shiny new Oregon 450 from the States … finally I’ll be able to work that Garmin chirp I purchased months ago.

2. Get to 750 finds: 1000 would be sweet but I don’t want to push it.

3. Attempt one or two Terrain level 4/5 caches: On a good day, I have the balance of an infant learning to walk – sometimes just stepping off a curb can be a mission – but since I began geocaching my ability to stay upright has improved significantly. Twelve months ago, a level 3 terrain would have been out of the question; now I’m keen to conquer those mountain peaks (Perhaps with a cheeseburger in one hand).

4. Complete all 10km radius hides: Extending my previous home suburb goal to meet a challenge set by my geo-sibling.

5. Up my total daily find tally from 11: Maybe 20?

6. Solve some of the harder Wellington puzzles: Like GC2A77V Candy Please, GC1VR0A Child’s Play 4: Okonomiyaki Party and GC29WMQ The Art of Geohacking – if there’s anybody out there who’d like to lend some brainpower?

7. Cache in more NZ regions: They say variety is the spice of life, and it would further my efforts to complete GC1BXCN Kiwi Nomad’s Outward Pursuits Challenge (Canterbury), GC2DGEJ BGSc 201: Type Hype (Nelson/Marlborough) and GC18F8H The Amazing Race (Wellington to Auckland) multi. I partially achieved this goal last month on a road-trip from Wellington to Auckland but there’s a few more districts – and many more caches – till I can tick this baby off.

8. Place a few more hides: This would have to be one area where it’s not all about the numbers for me … but I will try better.

9. Attend a geocaching event: DONE I attended – and blogged – about GC2CV6 Assemblage de College Paraparaumu (Kapiti Coast) – hopefully the first of many such events.

10. Cache with Cumbyrocks and Juniors 1-3: As the enabler of my geo-addiction, that’s the least he owes me. Plus I’m dying to see the looks on his boys’ faces when they make a find, ancontemplate their swag swap options.

11. Try for NZ daily record in Dunedin: Cumbyrocks and I believe the New Zealand daily find record to be about 75, and with Dunedin’s predominance of caches within a 10km radius and my knowledge of the area, it seems an ideal locale. Everyone needs pipe dreams, right?

12. Buy a new mobile phone with built-in GPS compass: DONE And it’s not one of those A-GPS knockoffs but a proper one with a decent magnetometer. I treated myself to a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini-Pro before Christmas and, while not a total convert to smartphone caching, I’ve at least had some way to keep hunting until my new Garmin arrives.

13. Expand my cache type finds: For starters, with a Wherigo cache and chirp cache.

14. Write more blog posts: I can’t let Cumbyrocks beat me at everything (plus my spelling/grammar is better).

15. For good measure (and my waistline): Try for some of the longer hiking caches such as GCG21P Hawkins Radome (Wellington). Or Wainuiomata’s GC1MCEG Kittyhawk Down and GC46 Geocache by Kevin Anderson’s Geocache, the oldest existing hide in New Zealand and the eighth oldest worldwide.

I’ll update you on my progress in six months. In the meantime, tell us about your geo-goals for 2011 by commenting below or emailing us through our contact page.


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  1. Kim

    Thank you so much for sharing your geocaching goals! I just wanted to let you know that I referenced this post on today’s article at FindYourGeocache.com

  2. robnzh

    All the best with your goals- GC46 is a “must do” for everyone who can but won’t do much for the waistline- it’s an easy stroll though retrieving it can be a little interesting! Hope you might do some of mine while in the area- two of my new ones are good for the waistline though one may have been muggled just now, and then there is always Mt Lowry! If you want a good workout while caching you could also go north from the top of the Wainui Hill or up from White’s Line East/Te Whiti Firebreak.

  3. kjwx

    Thanks for the tips, Robnzh … I’ve yet to explore Wainui’s geo-tourism, having not even got as far as Dinger Remembered. Must get over the hill one day soon to explore.
    Perhaps we need a local to organise another Wainui caching event???

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