Opencaching.com review process changes

A couple of days ago opencaching.com quietly posted some changes to the opencaching.com review process. If you’re not familiar with the opencaching.com peer review process you can check out my post on it.

The latest changes are:

1) The weight of votes cast will vary from person to person depending on their involvement and history on OpenCaching.com. The formula that determines how much each vote is worth is still in flux. We will be watching how it is working and making changes based on the feedback given here.
2) You will have to have an account for three days before you are allowed to vote.
3) You will have to leave a reason when voting no.
4) When hiding a cache, there will be the option to leave a note to reviewers.

These changes are all designed to make sure the cache is being reviewed by people who are familiar with the rules while at the same time keep the process for open for everyone to voice their opinion.

So all of a sudden some users are being given more say than others? You only need to take a look through the review section of opencaching.com to see that some users virtually have the power to approve or decline a cache. I cast a vote to see how many points I could give out and found it was 9. But others have 28 points to through around. From my perspective this just further complicates a review system that was very open to corruption in the first place. Now that opencaching.com junky you pissed off over at geocaching.com can kill any opencaching.com plans you have in the blink of an eye.

And now you have to have an account for three days before you can vote. So I need to make sure I set up all my dummy accounts three days before I publish any caches there.

With these changes it seems to me that the peer review process has moved slightly closer to the geocaching.com review process. They have, in essence, elevated some listing users to a higher status than others. These people are the ones who have been heavily involved in the listing service. How does this differ from geocaching.com elevating some users to be reviewers? It doesn’t but it means opencaching.com can essentially have reviewers without removing the whole peer review process entirely. From my perspective these changes are an admission that the peer review system does not work and that reviewers are a highly important part of ensuring the quality and integrity of geocache placement remains.

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