And The Entries Are …

It’s Not About The Numbers is feeling rather chirpy about all the amazing entries in our Garmin chirp promotion. Thank you to everybody who submitted a photo or video that shows why it’s not about the numbers for them. Tomorrow we’ll announce the lucky winner and runner-up but, for now, you get to consider who’d you would pick. Choosing the best entries has been so difficult that we’ve decided to give away another Garmin chirp to a winner selected by our readers.

You’ll be able to vote for your favourite from tomorrow.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these …

Kieran Philip (GC name: phiki614)

Dunedin, New Zealand

“Why go hunting drive-by micros when you can take a walk along some mountain tops? It’s only a 17km-walk. :)”

The cache in question is: GC2KEF6 Gibbston Valley View (Central Otago), a six-hour trek from the Crown Saddle to Tuhoys Saddle with a terrain level of 4.

Gerard Hyland (GC name: GSVNoFixedAbode)
Dunedin, New Zealand

The GC.com reviewer couldn’t decide between two photos, so entered both. The first – showing “a couple of mates at a cache that is definitely NOT about the numbers (and out of my comfort zone at the time to be sure!)” – is more about the climb to the cache and the view upon arrival, while the other honours family caching – “a father/daughter caching on a frosty morning, making our mark near the cache itself”.

Kevin Swain (GC name: Kevs_Team)

Auckland, New Zealand

Lee Akers

Virginia, United States

“It’s not about the numbers, and it ain’t a 5/5 unless it bites back. This is the Manville Possum Hunters, doing what they do best – hunting possums. If we had a chirp to attach to ole’ Smiley here, it would make him easier to locate. Hampster caching is banned, but here in the hills and hollers of Virginia, ‘Possum Caching’ is catching on.”

Emily McConathy (GC name: emilierene)

Pennsylvania, United States

“This is a picture of my caching group – taken by me – at the top of Skelp Mt in Pennsylvania, US at the cache GC1XJ7G Eagle Eye. It’s straight up climbing over all those rocks that form the shape of an eagle when viewed from afar.  The cache is found where the eye of the eagle would be in this shape, underneath all those rocks.  It was a marvellous climb and view from the top!”

Anne Garman (GC name: nurse nanna)

Michigan, United States

“What can I say beyond this?  One cache, two kayaks and a long arduous paddle.  We took turns in the lead. Unbelievably, this is my second time out to this cache; the first time I went alone and it was my most memorable cache of all time.  [Fellow cacher] SkipHerr has generously offered to escort many folks out there for their one visit to it … but I may be the only one ever to return to it a second time.  It never even occurred to me to consider the numbers for this one.”

That cache is GCQRN4 Not Gilligan’s Island, a 5/5 hide on an island in the backwaters of Michigan’s White River which is accessible only by kayak or canoe.

You can also see video of the three-hour paddle at:

(Nurse Nanna adds: “The inside joke on this one … is from my log.”)

Jay DeBoer (GC name: DigitalMDX)

Washington, United States

Marcello Belcastro (GC name: darth trader)

New South Wales, Australia

Anne Dahse (GC name: whipped_cookie)

Wellington, New Zealand

“It’s definitely not about the numbers – this view is priceless!”

Richard Fahey (GC name: teampipperice)

California, United States

“This is why I geocache.”

James Gray


For James Gray, it’s not about the numbers but the views, his daughter, making “good memories” and “dead ends”.

Robert Harwell (GC name: Harwell5)

United States

“It’s about the family time spent together and we love the fun memories it creates.”


  1. Cumbyrocks

    We have to pick a winner from all of these awesome entries!?! You didn’t tell me it was going to be this hard.

    Goes to show you can never trust sisters…

  2. Sarah.

    IF caching became all about the numbers, then it would lose all its fun and enjoyment, and most likely be considered to be a olympic sport!

    P.s; where’d you get the picture of the hand in the frost from? Becuase that photo is of me and my dad’s hands in the frost from about two years ago, caching in dunedin, and its still my favorite picture to date. 🙂

    1. kjwx

      If your dad is who I think he is, Sarah, then he submitted in our first Garmin chirp contest. It was one of our favourites too, earning a highly commended from the judges.

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