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I recently stumbled across this neat blog,, written by a “retired” Stay-at-home dad. What sparked my interest was his recent post on discovering geocaching and his families first geocaching adventure. It is especially interesting as this post and his subsequent posts on the new geocaching adventures not only provides an insight into the ‘newbie’ experience but provides another example of the ever increasing ‘smartphone’ route into geocaching.

I discovered geocaching in exactly the same way as Sparkdad. I was sitting around playing with my new Blackberry and kept wondering what this ‘Geocaching’ app was that was available for download.

Sparkdad’s posts also give another example of something I do frequently – geocaching with kids!

From Sparkdad:

Last night while we were sitting around the dining room table shooting the breeze, as we often do at Tia Mena and Tio Shorty’s house, I was messing around with my phone. I clicked on a Geocaching application that I had downloaded and saw there are several cache’s around the house!

Finally after about 10 minutes of searching we found it! You can see in the photo above that it was simply a log sheet with names and dates on it! The front was filled with about 60 names, so we wrote on the back:

“ – Dad, Porkchop, Stickman, Tio Dee and Nico”

It was great fun! I think later we will search for another one!



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