A Christmas Caching Carol

The Online Cacher has produced an excellent Christmas Caching Carol called The Cache After Christmas. There are a few snippets below but make sure you check out the entire carol.

‘Twas the dawn after Christmas, with coffee to rouse,

A new cacher downloading, and clicking a mouse.

The hardware was found, and the driver software,

Now onto the website with listings to share.

The Garmin now loaded, he’ll go where it led,

While visions of adventure, played through his head.

He pulled on his parka, and a warm knitted cap,

And going out the door, he grabbed a roadmap.

The next was a large, on the outskirts of town,

At the top of the hill, he parked and walked down,

Soon spotting the can, beneath a big pile of sticks,

Found it had a wet log, but this he could fix.

From out of a pocket, he pulled a notepad,

And tearing off sheets, he shared what he had.

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