Geocaching.com has the eye of the tiger…

The Geocaching.com updates have taken place and there are now funky new favourites, maps and statistics on the site.

I have added my first favourite, Omega Nutcase by nofs, and have a pitiful 61 left to dish out. There is going to be some serious thinking at Cumby manor tonight! I really like the way this favourites section has been organised and it was a much needed addition to the site.

The maps are excellent and it is worth pointing out to those that don’t read that is v0.9.1 that includes:

  • Unlimited geocaches displayed anywhere in the world
  • Larger map with Full Screen view
  • Speedy geocache display using an innovative tiling solution
  • New map types including OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap

v0.9.2 and beyond will have

  • Premium Member filtering by cache type
  • Pocket Query integration
  • Caches along a route
  • Trackables support
  • See and communicate with geocachers in real-time using Geocaching Social

I am intrigued by geocaching social and will be interested to see how that could work. It could provide an excellent social networking element to a hobby that typically can be quite insular.

I thought the stats page was very good and, again, it is worth pointing out to those that don’t read (clearly not It’s Not About The Numbers readers) that

Geocaching Statistics is a multi-phase project. We plan to add many more and varied types of statistics such as country maps and milestones in the next release.

The maps have a much better flow and impressive speed to them.

One of the updates was to include a new ‘Featured’ tab in the GPS reviews section “to compliment the Most Popular”. I note that the page pops up on featured and Garmin was not among those showing. Funny that. 😛

And to continue the Rocky theme…

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