Holy Cow – the perfect hobby!

Thanks to AndrewRJ for pointing out this excellent variation on Peak Bagging – Summit Cheeseburger!

From the Summit Cheeseburger website:

What could be better than enjoying a tasty cheeseburger on the summit of a hard-won peak? Not much! The iconic cheeseburger, wholesome and delicious, fully deserves its exalted position in the pantheon of outdoor performance foods. It rejuvenates the body, replenishes the spirit, and enhances the enjoyment of mountain scenery.

Our quest is to eat a cheeseburger on every summit on earth – not completed by any one person – but rather through the collective effort of hikers around the world. If every visitor to the web site would just eat a few burgers on a few peaks, from the top of Mt. Everest to the smallest bump, this enormous and important task might be completed in our lifetimes.

It has an enormous list of peaks right around the world (500,000 +). I also loved the ‘Rules’ – a taster of which is:

The Cheeseburger

Since the beginning of the Summit Cheeseburger quest, misguided individuals have suggested that instead of cheeseburgers we should be eating something ‘good’ like hoagies, or beef burritos, or brie sandwiches, or having a scotch on the summit of a peak. These rules are for them.

  • At a minimum, a cheeseburger consists of a meat patty, cheese, and a bun.
  • The meat patty must be of mammalian origin. A patty originating from a bird or fish will be considered if there is documented proof that the specific species in question has eaten a human being; for example, a patty of great white shark meat. For such a submission to be considered, proof of predation upon humans must be provided. Gardenburgers, or any kind of veggie burger, will not be considered.
  • Cheese is a solid food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep or other mammals. Cheese substitutes do not count.
  • A bun is prepared from flour, water, etc. and consists of two halves; a top and bottom.
  • But the best thing about the site is that there are little geocaching.com logos all over the place that you can press and bring up a list of geocaches in the vicinity – now that is some good thinking.

    Having looked at the Dunedin area there are roughly 75 – 80 peaks to be claimed and therefore 75 – 80 cheeseburgers for me to eat…I can’t wait!

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