Peakbagging – a hobby for Geocachers?

Geocachers tend to have a love of the great outdoors (there’s not many of us that stick solely to urban micros) and in stumbling around the net setting up the new It’s Not About The Numbers website I ran into a site that may just offer Geocachers with hobby (when they’re not geocaching of course!).

It’s called Peak bagging and I learned of it from a neat New Zealand website, Peakbagging.co.nz.

From the website:

Peak Bagging is an addictive pastime which involves hiking to every summit in a collection of mountains. In Scotland, peak bagging is known as ‘munro bagging’, and over 4000 people have completed the entire list of 284 Scottish munros

I was really impressed with the hobby and the website. It is a neat and tidy affair that has all the information you could possibly need. It boasts a huge number of  ‘peaks’ to bag, along with very clear explanations of how a peak qualifies to be listed. The listing page for each peak also contains all the information you could ever want, with a good example being the listing for Flagstaff (one of my local peaks).

On the listing page you find:

  • Location, including GPS coordinates
  • Elevation
  • Distance and duration of walk, including start and end points
  • A difficulty rating
  • Track rating
  • Sights and Hazards
  • Instructions on how to get to the track start
  • A Google map showing the track
  • The recommended route
  • Topographic map and height profile, plus the ability to view in google earth
  • The Flagstaff listing boasts a video from a previous bagger
  • Weather forecast for the region
  • Comments and logs

Overall an excellent site and one NZ geocachers or geocachers planning to visit NZ should check out. I would even bet that there’s a geocache on each one of those peaks!

The hobby is not only confined to NZ and Scotland. If you google Peak Bagging you’ll find lots of other listing sites, including Peakbagger.com.


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  1. AndrewRJ

    This could also be combined with http://summitcheeseburger.com/ for a tasty snack at the top.

  2. Cumbyrocks

    Thanks Andrew – that’s awesome!

  3. AndrewRJ

    No problem. I enjoy combining hobbies like that! Around here there are a lot of peaks that are day hikes, so lunch at the top works well.

  4. Stegan

    I was thoroughly intrigued by this…though how a peak gets designated in the list seems a bit too subjective. Eg: Sandymount on the Otago Peninsula – I live higher than that!

  5. kjwx

    Me too, Stegan … But as a loyal Wellingtonian, I’m feeling a bit peaked over the supposed lack of suitable mountainous areas in my home region.

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