Groundspeak: No Comment

Well, we finally heard back from Groundspeak on the Opencaching.com controversy …

Their reply: “No comment.”

According to marketing manager Jen Sonstelie, it’s company policy not to comment on “pending products in the marketplace”.

So I guess we’ll have to wait until Garmin has properly launched its new (German-language) facility for any official word from our service providers.

Though if last week’s screenshot is anything to go by, I doubt Groundspeak is too concerned. In an economic recession, it would make sense for the GPSr manufacturer to target what appears to be the next biggest caching community outside of the United States. And even more so when you consider that German cachers like to play the game a little differently to the rules stipulated on Geocaching.com.

According to Groundspeak’s own Latitude 47 blog, these European players prefer black light caches, multis and hides with a Terrain level of 5. From my own experience, they’re just as keen on virtuals and couch caches.

We’ve also contacted Garmin’s media team – both in Australia and the US – several times but not had a reply.

However, earlier this week, fellow blogger John Robb of Cache Mania was successful in speaking with company representative Jake Jacobson – previously seen on its chirp video – who also spouted the same old line about not commenting publicly on a unreleased product. He did say that Garmin was very excited about geocaching and had been active in the community since our game began.

Meanwhile, in further online developments, Opencaching.com this week depicted a new multi-coloured bullseye logo with the question ‘How awesome is your cache?’. This, in turn, inspired Cache Mania to ask whether Garmin was perhaps planning a rating site for geocaches.

Yet, when Cumbyrocks and I tried to access Garmin’s pet project today, we were both asked to log-in with our user names and passwords. Obviously, more changes are afoot as I type … As always we’ll keep you posted.

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