OpenCaching.com: A Screenshot

Spotted on Cache Mania this morning and provided there courtesy of Guido at GPS INFO.NL comes this screenshot of the OpenCaching.com site. Apparently for three hours on November 8th, the site was available and Guido managed to grab this image of it during this time.

UPDATED [6/12/10] : Thanks to Guido and teamvoyagr for pointing out that credit for the screenshot should go to Geocaching Dessau and Geocaching Magazin.



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  1. sseegars

    Now can someone please translate. I can still understand German when I hear it but I never learned to write or really read it!

  2. sseegars

    Interesting though!

  3. guido Schmidt

    Thanks for the credits, but they need to go to http://www.geocaching-dessau.de/wp/?p=558 .
    The did find it first.

    The german text is:

    Search, discover, hiding, log.
    you can search on difficulty, terrain etc.

  4. SaltercreaseRangers

    Garmin’s place holder page today reads “How Awesome is Your Cache” with a new circular logo

    1. xaubet

      The circle is The Garmin Wheel that is nothing more than a circle consisting of five rings divided into 4 segments.

      The northern segment (above) is the grandeur.
      The eastern segment (right) stands for the area.
      The southern segment (below) stands for the size.
      The western segment (left) stands for the difficulty.

      More screenshots here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DunkleaurasBlog

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