GeGnome Project underway – the race is on!


The GeGnome...is kinda evil looking

The GeGnome Project, where you hide a garden gnome as a moving cache on Geocaching Australia, is underway. The game has a number of prizes for various feats:


  • The cache that moves the furthest distance in the game period
  • The cache that accumulates the most number of moves in the game period provided the owner hasn’t already won a prize
  • The cache that moves the furthest distance in the game period in a single move provided the owner hasn’t already won a prize
  • Random cache owners who haven’t already won a prize
  • Random cachers who move a cache in the game period
  • Other prizes as deemed suitable by the games oraganiser such as, but not restricted to:
    • Best dressed gnome
    • Best hand crafted gnome
    • Best concept gnome
    • Best gnome gname
    • Best photo
    • Most elaborate / clever repair of a damaged gnome (intentional damage and repair is NOT acceptable) – proof by way of photo
    • Best coffin for an irreparable gnome – proof by way of photo

The ladder for this project shows quite a number of GeGnomes taking part and is worth looking at, as is the map showing the current location of the GeGnomes.

A little fella all the Kiwi’s will be interested in is The Sivinth Gnome.

From the listing:

Your challenge is to locate this cache, collect it, run away, make your log and rehide it somewhere else, as far away as possible, and as quickly as possible. When you find it and move it along, please rehide it safely, but provide a detailed hint in your “moved” log so that he can easily found next time. Please feel free to log this cache as often as you wish, as long as you are having fun finding and rehiding it. Of course, you should wait until two other people have hidden it before you can log it as a find again.

Go Sivinth!!!

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