Cache or Credit – Down On The Farm

They rise before dawn, don their gumboots and get to work cultivating a flock or harvest.

You rise before dawn, don your gumboots (when necessary), and get to work cultivating another FTF or smiley.

Yes, farmers and geocachers have a lot in common. Just to prove my point, this week’s Cache or Credit offers up a bumper crop of rural related goods.

1. Custom Fence Cache

Another brainchild of New Zealand’s No 8 fencing wire mentality perhaps?

Farmers would probably call it a fence wire tensioner, however us city folk with all our fancy gadgetry would soon spot that it’s been modified by vendors Geocachers NZ to hide a matching nano with logsheet.

Webstore owner Kevin Swain says his new design has been trialled in Auckland over the last few weeks, confusing many a cacher.

Typical logs read: “2nd go today with help from xxxxx. nasty hide. I got pretty tense.”

And on a DNF, “I had a good idea what I was looking for here and I strained my eyes trying to find it, oh well I will try another day …”

$11.50 from Geocachers NZ

(Courier delivery or store pick-up only)

2. German Butter Dish

If you’re always churning out new hides, check out this World War I German Army-issue lard container … Made of aluminium, the waterproof ‘Fettbüsche’ features a locking mechanism and plastic-coated interior. It measures 4 inches across and 1.5 inches high when closed.

* Geocaching’s own TV personality Head Hard Hat blogged about finding a similar military artefact – in his case a Swedish mess kit – earlier this year.

CA$6.75 from Cacher’s Toy Box

3. Carrot Cache

You’ll have fellow cachers questioning “What’s up Doc?” when they discover this cute, themed container. It comes with a RITR paper logsheet in a plastic bag.

US$5.00 at World Caching

4. Cache Critters – Moo Cow and Baa Sheep geocoins

Start your own travelling farmyard with these Cache Critters geocoins from American maker Oak Pins. Apparently designed by an Australian vet, the cartoon-style series also includes a pig, horse and a black-and-white cow – all of which have blue eyes.

US$10.99 from The Cache Shack

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