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Garmin‘s Chirp has been out for a little while now and chirp caches are beginning to spring up here in New Zealand and around the world. The two chirp caches here in NZ were both published on the 28th October, one in Oamaru and the other in Greymouth. Clearly this shows South Islanders are more tech savvy?

The Oamaru cache is called Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet (placed by Bitsprayer) and the Greymouth cache is The Old and The New (placed by Moneydork).

A quick look at these caches and others around the world show that those who have compatible Garmin GPSr’s are slowly upgrading their firmware and seeking out these caches.

One possible downside of the chirp cache is the problem of the muggled chirp. Chirp It Up! in Arizona has already been archived after the chirp went missing. It would appear that chirp placement is of high importance in establishing a chirp cache as it is a relatively expensive problem when the chirp is muggled!



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