Geocaching Goals for 2010/11

My first year as a geocacher is officially up. One year ago today I found my first cache, W for Walk on Over, and became completely addicted. Twelve months, and 574 caches, later I’m still addicted…this has to be a record for me.
Dunedin is an excellent place to take up geocaching. There is a huge number of caches for such a small city (some would say too many) and a great range – the right mix of small, urban traditionals, puzzles and larger bush caches to keep most caching preferences going for a long time. It also has a great community of cachers who are very welcoming and very willing to share their skills and experience.
When I started I didn’t have a lot of goals or objectives for the year. The only one I really set after a short time caching was to make it to 500 caches. Once that was achieved I started to ponder what else I could set my mind and GPSr to in geocaching. In looking forward to the next 12 months of geocaching my goals are:
  1. Make it to 1000 total finds: 425 to go. This may be a bigger ask that it initially seems. My 575 this year included 350+ local caches. Having to travel further afield to find the caches limits available caching time and a third Cumbyrocks Jnr arriving early in the year will add to the difficulty of this. When I look at the numbers I think I can do it and hopefully I won’t have to rely on too many binge trips to make it happen.
  2. Find all caches within 50km of home: Given I haven’t managed to do┬áthat for 10km this year this is another lofty goal. In saying that there are only 90 odd (presently) to find, so hopefully it is possible. I should have more opportunities to go after the more remote caches that take a few hours of walking to get.
  3. To achieve 65 difficulty/terrain combinations: Currently on 52. Yet to run a report and narrow down which caches will get me there so hopefully this is not setting the bar too high.
  4. To place 15 caches: Gotta keep that karma rating up! This would also take my total active placed caches to 30.
  5. To find a cache above 1000 metres: probably not a hard thing if I travel inland. Will re-evaluate if it turns out to be too easy.
  6. To run an event cache
  7. To run a CITO event
  8. To find 30 in one day: not a huge number to go after if it’s a solo effort. My current highest is 22 and that was with kids in tow. I set thirty because I think trying to find more would kill the enjoyment for me.

The numbers aren’t high…but then it’s not about the numbers is it?


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  1. kjwx

    Did the choice of your 1st cache have anything to do with our last name?

    1. cumbyrocks

      I’d like to say yes but that wouldn’t be true. It was actually the third cache I went for after failing to find Virtually a Traditional and ‘X’ for eXchange your loyalty.

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