Cache or Credit – Winging It

Another week, another payday …

Before that hard-earned cash flies out of your wallet, take a look at my top picks for feathering your geocaching nest:

1. Flocked Pigeon Cache

Realistically coloured with a solid peg mounting; includes a 10ml tube and logbook.

£5.50 from Geotees

2. Geobird


Finally back in stock … This former hunting decoy now features a built-in clip for attaching to any tree limb and a ‘Rite In The Rain’ logsheet. According to the vendor: “This is easily a Difficulty 5 cache container.”

US$10 from Crazy Caches

3. Fake Bird’s Nest

Fake Birds Nest Cache

Inside are three fake eggs, one of which contains a small plastic vial housing the logsheet.  You’ll also get a spare log in a ziptop bag.

US$5.99 from Caching Containers

4. Chicken Farmtagz

Chicken Farmtagz

You’ll cackle in delight over the newest FarmtagZ. Like the other trackable creatures designed by the owners ofwebstore Geocachingshop.nl, it comes with a unique tracking number and custom icon so you can watch the chicken cross the proverbial road or even an ocean on GC.com.

£5.25 from Geotees


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  1. Simon

    The birds nest should be banned…
    Some Cachers should at least keep the little bit of respect for the environment they have left!

    The Geobird is really cool though.

    1. cumbyrocks

      An interesting and valid point Simon! And to explore the issue further we’ve added a poll in the post about that one.

  2. GSV

    I’d have to say it’s not a good idea: clever but may lead to damage by inexperienced/impatient cachers n real nests. I’d lump it in the same boat as fake electrical gear: encourages dumb searching activity.

    But I’m against a ban: that’s knee-jerk legislation thinking. The onus should be on the cache placer: think about the location, type, and consequences of every hide you place. most of the guideline ‘rules’ have come about from people not using their common sense. [/rant]

  3. kjwx

    Nicely put, GSV … As with real estate’s “Location, Location, Location” mantra, I firmly believe caching’s should be “Placement, Placement, Placement”.
    Even our so-called standard ammo cans can cause problems if hidden in the wrong spot, though mainly of the bomb scare variety. Obviously a fake bird’s nest should NEVER be located in a breeding sanctuary or similar avian-friendly spot but that isn’t to say it couldn’t delight and confuse even seasoned cachers in the right environment.

  4. stinger503

    I only like the birds nests or bird house caches if the description or hint is pretty clear that the nest/house it what you’re going for. Otherwise it sets a bad standard (which would be “Check every birds nest/house you see!”

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