Great Geo-Stuff: Perambulators

Great Geo-Stuff: A weekly ode to something geocaching related that we may take for granted but helps make geocaching awesome.

This week: Perambulators

Okay, this is not your standard piece of geocaching equipment and certainly only something you’re likely to have if you geocache with kids. Though they are not essential for finding geocaches I’ve lost count of the number of logs that mention using the pram to disguise the ‘deviant’ behaviour. Like other geo-gear the pram makes us almost invisible – no-one questions someone bending down and mucking about with a pram or hanging about on a park bench for ages. Finding those micros in ridiculously public places is a breeze.

But they’re not just great for hiding your search for that cache, they’re also fantastic as means of transporting our mini geocachers to those caches. Today’s prams are not just limited to the urban caches, they can help us travel huge distances in the outdoors and experience geocaching as it was meant to be!

Ahh, prams. Helping parental geocachers find caches since who knows when!


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  1. Guwapo's Papa


    Did you see this?




    1. Cumbyrocks

      Ouch. Thanks, we will be looking into it!

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