NZ Geocache Featured as Cache of the Week on Latitude 47

GC24VY3" target="_blank">

The Emerald Lakes (GC24VY3), located in Tongariro National Park, is the geocache of the week on the Geocaching.com blog Latitude 47.

GC24VY3">The Emerald Lakes” (GC24VY3) reveals the rugged beauty of New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park.  Geocachers hike to the top of Mt. Tongariro to discover the three picturesque lakes.  The lakes themselves began as craters formed during volcanic activity.

Geocacher funkymunkyzone created the cache in March of this year.  The difficulty two, terrain 4.5  EarthCache requires a day hike of nearly 20 kilometers (12 miles).

There are three requirements to claim the EarthCache.  Geocachers must use their GPS units to record the elevation of each of the three lakes, describe the color of the lakes and take a photo of the lakes showing their GPS device at the published coordinates.

View of Emerald Lakes

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