Cache or Credit?

They say it costs just US$6 – or NZ$8.50 – to hide a cache, taking into account fuel costs, swag and the container used.

But, in reality, there’s no limit on the amount you can spend to perfect your art.

As a former shopping columnist for a major newspaper, here are my current top 3 picks to give you geo-cred:

1. Mini-Cryptex

Make author Dan Brown proud with a geocache to rival the plot of his Da Vinci Code.

US$32 for an unpainted four-dial version from World Caching or customised, directly from the source at Mini-Cryptex.

For examples of other geo-cryptex, see:

GC237VW" target="_blank">Maple Ridge Cryptex Caper

Geo-Lexicon Series

GC26Q3Z" target="_blank">B10: Gold Star – Graduation Day “Foundations”

2. No Trespassing Sign

Keep your fellow cachers guessing with this realistic sign geocache. At the back is a wooden compartment to hide your logbook and swag. All you need is a post to shove it in the ground – and the perfect hiding spot.

US$15 from Geocaching Stuff

NB: Postage to New Zealand is automatically set to US$25 so you’ll need to request cheaper postage from the vendor.

3. Magnetic Geocache Note

Sold in silver or gray, these curved, 20 mm x 30 mm magnets are perfect for use in a multi-cache or to attach another micro container to a metal surface.

Each features the Geocaching.com logo and the traditional cache label text; the reverse is empty so you can glue it somewhere or engrave your next waypoint.

£5.10 from Geotastic (or in Note Grey)

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  1. jim

    this is awesome man

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  2. Great Geo-Stuff: Lock & Lock Containers « It's Not About The Numbers

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